Portraiture is probably my favourite photography expression. Each portrait is a unique experience and it goes way beyond a mere image. Portraying people it is a way to interact with them, to establish a profound connection and a bond between human beings.
Taking a portrait takes time. I talk and share some of my life with my subjects and they do the same, the picture is just the tip of the iceberg.
While photographing another human being I am in a space where I let go of everything else until something special happens between myself and the subject and I realise that they are offering the photograph to me.


I like traveling at a slow pace, taking the time to get immersed into a new reality and absorb it to the point of becoming part of it. The people I meet become doors which allow me to access deeper layers and make the traveling experience much more meaningful, unique and certainly never predictable.

Shela hats competition

Inspired by the creativity of local workers protecting from the sun with very original, hand made head covers. Shela Hat Contest became an opportunity to let the imagination run wild and create authentic pieces of art with any available material found on Lamu island.

London Pride

In London everyone is different, which means that anyone can fit in and feel welcome.


Photographing someone I know is an experience which takes me way beyond the definition of the rapport between myself and the subject. All barriers, labels, concepts disappear and both the subject and the photographer reveal themselves in a new light which gives room to a potential new relationship. I believe portrait photography is powerfully healing.


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