Matera and Grottole

The first time I visited Matera, only a few years ago, I literally fell in love with it. Not only was I captivated by its beauty and peculiar history, but I also grew very fond of the people I met. 
Their incredible hospitality together with my spontaneous way of approaching strangers created a magical alchemy which later developed into long lasting friendships and unimaginable collaborations back then. 

As a photographer, of course I aimed to discover every corner of this incredible town from different angles and light conditions. Hence, I found myself joining guided tours, accepting invitations into people’s houses and walking around town at all times of the day and night. All this gave me plenty of opportunities to blend in an environment which became more and more familiar to me. Some years later I went back to Matera and I had the privilege to also visit Grottole, a small, semi-deserted, fascinating town on one of the nearby hills. A few photographs are also displayed in this gallery. 

My passion for these places and photography, led me to create customised photographic tours which are available upon request.

If you are curious to find out more about my adventure in Matera and my approach to traveling, feel free to read Eliana’s testimonial here.