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Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma has some very clear convictions as a brand. Simplicity is essential to elegance, especially Italian elegance. Things made slowly and by hand develop a soul and the imperfect is the only true form of perfection. Above all, Acqua di Parma celebrates simplicity, sincerity and generosity.

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“Kasbah” in Shela Village, Lamu Island, Kenya

The word “Kasbah” has different meanings, such as “old city” or “watchtower”. In Arabic countries, it frequently refers to a citadel or a series of structures built behind a defensive wall. It can be considered a type of fortress.

Kasbah house in Lamu Island offers a sense of privacy and protection, along with a constant connection to the natural world.
The inner garden with its long pool, the breezy terraces overlooking the cosy town of Shela and the lush environment all around make the visitor feel connected with nature, while preserving privacy.


Home in Belsize Park, London, by Haus & Hof


Food is the best storyteller, it talks about places, cultures and people.

Cooking is one of the higher expressions of people creativity and resilience.
Food is the opposite of hatred, it is a healer, it is love.


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